Is It OK to Give Skin Care Products as a Gift?

Valentine’s is just around the corner and most of us are wondering how to surprise our loved ones with a nice and thoughtful present. The first things that come to mind would be products or objects that would show love, care and affection. Women and increasingly more men adore beauty and health products, which makes them feel good about themselves, but is it ok to give skin care products as a gift?

Totally, yeah! As long as you don’t go for 40+ anti-age facial cream for your 23 year-old girlfriend, you’ll strike a win. Here are some great ideas:

Peel-off Face Masks

These are unisex skin care products and guys love them as much as girls. Best ones you could go for are the activated charcoal black masks, the rejuvenating peel-off masks with rose oil or the mud masks. All of them have ingredients that help with some skin conditions like acne and uneven skin tone. They also brighten up the face and make it look fresh and young. Why not buy one for yourself and your partner? Peel off masks are a great and fun couple’s pampering activity.

Peel off mask

Hand and Foot Cream

This is another fantastic skin care gift you can give to both men and women. It’s a thoughtful present for spouses who spend hours doing housework, including lots of dish washing and cooking or perform heavy handwork on daily basis. The Natural Rose Hand and Nail cream with 6 essential oils takes a brilliant care of the skin and strengthens the nails for pretty and healthy hands. You could attach a small note to the present saying “I love your gentle touch”.

hand cream skin care product

Body Scrubs and Butters

Make Me Glow has a body scrub that’s an absolute hit among the ladies! The Natural Rose Face and Body Scrub with Golden Dust purifies the skin and leaves lovely sparkles after use. It’s a favourite glam choice for young women who love looking fabulous and grab the attention wherever they go. Body butters can also be a nice gift as they moisturise the skin and make it softer. We have a good range of amazing body butters with different scents and ingredients, providing various benefits.

Not only skin care products aren’t an offensive gift, but they make a really good point of you being a caring, thoughtful and appreciative partner. We’d be very happy to sort you out for Valentine’s!

skin care products as gifts valentines

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