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Welcome to our website! We are so happy to have you here and ever so keen to be delivering the best skincare and hair care tips to you every week.

First, let us briefly introduce ourselves. Make Me Glow is a team of a few young and vibrant individuals from different backgrounds that grew into a family. Yes, a real family. We have such great passion for the natural and healthy ways of maintaining our skin and hair that we looked for the right products at so many places. Something was always missing, until we ended up in Bulgaria where we found the gems you can now find in our shop.

Make Me Glow is a reseller and not a manufacturer or direct owner of the skincare and hair care products we have listed on our pages. The people who make them and own the patents are a lovely company from Bulgaria, called Arsy Cosmetics. They have years of experience in the industry and export products to various European, Middle Eastern and Northern African countries.


Natural skincare products with anti-ageing properties

Natural Skincare Products, made by Arsy Cosmetics, sold by Make Me Glow


For some reason these products have never been introduced to the UK before and we thought this was a huge gap on the market, especially for the 25+ Bulgarian Yogurt skincare collection. The line features a day and night cream, eye serum, peel-off mask, body butter and hand cream. All of them include hyaluronic acid, amaranth and, of course, original Bulgarian yogurt. These products are specifically designed for young people just over 25 as this is the time the ageing process actually starts. The active ingredients have preventative properties and instead of smoothening out your wrinkles they stop them from appearing. Isn’t that amazing? Prevention is always better than cure!

Having said that, we have also selected a series of other products that fit the skin of people at an older and various backgrounds.

Make Me Glow hair care selection includes two series of products – shampoo, hair mask, moisturising spray conditioner and styling oil. Both lines contain keratin in all the products, which helps the hair to stay salon smooth and shiny after every use. What we found incredible about the hair care collection is that it works great on European, African and mixed hair! Yes, we tested it on our own crowns and we will be sharing plenty of our pictures as evidence.

Natural hair care products for dry and unruly hair

Yes, our hair care products are kid friendly!


We are totally committed to bringing you the best value you can ask for be it with the products we sell or the beauty tips we will be posting here on our blog every week.

We hope to to see you back here soon! Until then, own your shine!

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