Have a Problem Skin? Black Peel-Off Mask Will Really Help!

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Unless you have been living in a cave for the past one year, or you don’t pay any attention to skincare products, you must have heard and seen the black peel-off face mask. There are a number of brands out there that compete on the market with this product and there’s a reason for it!

Apart from being really good for distressing your face skin after a tiring day, it also helps open up the pores and removes dead cells that clog up your skin, don’t let it breathe and create a friendly environment for bacteria to multiply. Ewww! We know!

The Cleansing Black Peel-off Mask contains activated charcoal, which goes deep in the skin tissue, neutralises and takes out toxins, dirt and harmful microorganisms, which often cause acne or inflammations. Using the Cleansing Black Peel-off Mask can also help with insect bites and cuts as the activated charcoal is an all natural ingredient, often used in medicine for treating serious skin conditions.

One more benefit of the Cleansing Black Peel-Off mask is that it is great for oily skin. It pulls out the excessive oils and leaves the face feeling fresh and smooth. It is recommended to be used once to twice a week depending on how oily your skin is.

If you tend to have dry skin, it’s best you choose a different face mask, like for example, the Rejuvenating Natural Rose Peel-off Mask.

Let’s talk about your favourite face mask. What do you use? What difference has it made to your skin? We’d also love to see your pictures! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and share your glowing skin with us. Own your shine!

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