How to Freeze the Frizz – Frizzy Hair Nevermore

frizzy hair solutions

frizzy hair solutions

Every girl has dealt with this annoying problem at least once in her life. For some it is a daily battle. But guess what, there is more than one solution to frizzy hair. Here’s how to freeze the frizz.

1. Find out what causes frizzy hair

The two main reasons for your hair being frizzy are lack of moisture and humid weather. The combination of both can cause disastrous results and since you can’t really control the weather, make sure you moisturise your hair enough on regular basis.

2. Use hair products with added keratin

The most part of your hair is naturally made of keratin, however, it often gets worn out so having keratin as a supplement in your hair products is always a great idea and helps smoothen out the texture. Macadamia and keratin containing hair products are even better!

frizzy hair solutions

3. Use conditioner more often than shampoo

Most shampoos contribute to the dryness of your hair to an extend and as you know dry hair equals frizzy hair. If you wash your hair 3 times a week, use the shampoo once and only the conditioner in the other two.

4. Brush your hair regularly

Contrary to popular belief regular brushing actually helps frizzy hair to stay in place and look smooth because by using the brush you let natural oils get equally distributed throughout the length of your hair.

frizzy hair solutions

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5. Put a silky scarf on your hair before you sleep to tame it

If you have super thick, textured and frizzy hair consider sleeping with a silky scarf on. Why would that be helpful? Pillowcases are usually made of cotton and cotton has the ability to absorb high amounts of moisture, which means it can suck up the moisture from your hair and leave it in a mess.

6. Use leave-in conditioner

Leave-in conditioners may be the next best solution when your frizzy hair refuses to behave. They provide extra moisture for a longer period of time and make styling much easier. If you are not sure what to pick you can thy this 2-phase spray conditioner with argan and keratin.

frizzy hair solutions

7. Always have a hair styling oil in your bag

As we already said, you can’t really control the weather but you can beat humidity by always going out prepared. Spray the argan and keratin hair styling oil a couple of times while out and about and you will successfully freeze the frizz.

More tips on how to deal with frizzy hair you can read in Cosmopolitan.

Frizzy hair solutions



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  1. These are such great tips! Hair frizz can be hard to handle sometimes, but doing one or all of these will definitely help! Awesome post! Xo

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