What Does Keratin Do?

Keratin treatments and products have been extremely popular on the market recently. Every hair salon offers them and pretty much every brand has introduced a keratin collection. So what is keratin and what does it actually do?

Keratin is a natural protein, which makes a huge part of the structure of your hair and its role is to protect it from external factors. Hair rich in keratin looks youthful, glossy and strong. However, heat treatments often destroy the natural reserves of keratin in your hair, which means you have to make up for the loss using products that contain the ingredient.


If you haven’t been easy on your hair recently, bleaching, dying or relaxing it, chances are it is quite dry and damaged. Maybe it also has split ends. The Argan and Keratin Hair Shampoo can help you restore the strength and gloss of your precious crown. Use the keratin mask from the same collection to improve the structure, right from the roots. Only a couple of uses will demonstrate a noticeable difference! To give your hair a great finish, use the 2-phase spray conditioner or the hair styling oil. Everybody will think that you are just coming out of the salon!

Frizzy and unruly hair? No worries! Keratin can fix that for you. If you want to put your gorgeous kinky curls in order and give them a cheeky bounce, trust the Macadamia and Keratin hair care collection. Don’t forget that keratin can smoothen your hair and give it a celebrity glow, but it won’t straighten it, so you can embrace your natural beauty and stun everybody who passes by.

Get that salon look at the comfort of your home and own your shine!