5 Amazing Facts About Caviar and Skin Care

Caviar benefits for skin care    Skin Care with Caviar


Your first association of caviar is probably an expensive delicacy served in a luxurious restaurant. But did you know that caviar is a powerful ingredient in many skin care products and brings fascinating benefits to your skin?

1. Powerful Moisturiser

Caviar is the common name for fish eggs so it is not surprising that it contains a large amount of water, but what really makes it a fantastic moisturiser are the omega-3 fats and saturated fats. Not only it helps with dry skin but also has a brilliant effect on hair. A hand cream with caviar will make your nails stronger and healthier.

2. Brightens the Skin

Caviar is full of various vitamins and minerals which promote a better looking skin. The amino-acids in caviar have the ability to improve the skin texture and make it look bright and fresh.

3. Natural Skin Blend

Do you have uneven skin tone? Caviar can help you get rid of the annoying lighter or darker spots on your face and body because it acts like a natural skin blender. Imagine having that gorgeous sunkissed look all year round!

4. Provides UV Protection

UV rays are extremely dangerous for the skin. They make it age faster and take out its elasticity. Even scarier – they are the main reason for skin cancer, which has been on the rise in recent years. Using a day cream with caviar or body butter provides a good protection from the UV light.

5. Dynamic Collagen Production Booster

The scientific facts behind the skin care benefits of caviar are mind-blowing. It increases the production of collagen by 67%! This means that you could retain or recover a good part of your skin elasticity if you include caviar products in your skin care routine. Eye serums with caviar extract are extremely beneficial for the youthful look of your face and eyes. Kiss those wrinkles goodbye!

Have you tried any skin care products with caviar? How soon were you able to feel and see the difference?

Skin Care with Caviar

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